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What is the Global Gag Rule?

Understanding the Policy

As one of his first actions in office, President Biden rescinded the Global Gag Rule, a policy that risks women’s health and lives by forcing nongovernmental organizations outside of the United States to choose between receiving U.S. global health assistance and providing comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care. Learn more about the history of the Global Gag Rule, its unprecedented expansions by former President Trump as well as the Global HER Act, which would permanently repeal this harmful policy.

Understanding the Impact

Under the Trump-Pence administration, the Global Gag Rule had devastating effects on global health. In Uganda, it forced a trusted provider to end a contraceptive program serving 6,000 young people. Trump’s expanded policy undermined the effectiveness and efficiency of U.S. investments in global health, and the Biden-Harris administration must now ensure that impacted organizations working in Uganda have the information and resources necessary to regain progress toward improving health outcomes for women, girls and communities.

Have you been affected by this policy?

Former President Trump’s expanded Global Gag Rule blocked global health assistance to non-U.S. organizations using their own, non-U.S. funds to provide information, referrals or services for legal abortion or to advocate for access to abortion services in their own countries. Although this policy is no longer in effect, its impact on sexual and reproductive health and rights policy, health care access and civil society will continue to persist as advocates, providers and communities work to repair the damage.