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The Abortion and Post-Abortion Care Consortium and the Global Gag Rule

The precursor organization to the Abortion and Post-abortion Care Consortium (APACC), the Post-abortion Care Consortium (PACC), was established in 1993. It played a critical role internationally by advocating for policy changes and increased resources for post-abortion care (PAC) services, as well as informing the reproductive health community about issues related to and strategies for addressing unsafe abortion through PAC.

In the last two years, PACC has expanded its scope to include a range of safe abortion care and officially transitioned to the Abortion and Post-abortion Care Consortium. The consortium’s mission statement now reads:

The consortium facilitates knowledge sharing and fosters dialogue and collaboration to promote evidence based and promising practices that meet women’s needs for contraception, abortion, and PAC.

This expanded mission continues its focus on post-abortion care, but also provides an opportunity for expanding membership and dialogue on a range of abortion issues beyond PAC. Over the next two years, APACC will encompass the full continuum of abortion care, while remaining accessible and relevant for all contexts.